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STAR pizza NJ site visit

Tucked back in the maze of steel bridges and stone tunnels of Orange, New Jersey shines Star Pizza, a neighborhood staple of over 65 years and famous in world pizza circles. The culinary experience at Star is characterized by the heavy paradox of cheese and sauce lightness delivered with a consistency patrons have come to expect, and this pizza tavern rarely disappoints.

Star Pizza site visit

The only way to serve pizza is on a paper plate with salt, pepper, parm, and garlic powder options.


Pies are small enough for two people to share, but if you are super hungry. Get one for yourself! Most die hard fans just go for plain cheese pies, because they taste that good.


proper south indian standard

proper south indian standard

all you can eat, vegetarian, in an order designed for optimal digestion. served on a fresh banana leaf.

michelada research in michelandia

Dear Gringos, Pouring beer on top of Bloody Mary mix is tasty, but it is not truly a Michelada. Tomatoes have no place in this sea gazing beverage inspired by heated sands and salty Caribbean waters. We spent some time investigating the origins and ‘official’ recipe along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, watching each craftsman blend their own, as they do. We were startled to find the holy grail, LOL, on a side street just north of Playa del Carmen in a bar full of locals watching the Brasil vs Mexico soccer game, in a space called… Michelandia.

The rim is coated with chimoy, a dry powder made from dry berries, salt, maybe paprika. when applied to the rim of the glass condensation and humidity turn the power to a goooey sweet salt treat with a crunchy texture. It does not come off when sipped. Either bite it off or swipe it w/ yr finger.

Notice the liquid resembles the not too distant sea. The recipe: a teaspoon of salt at the bottom of a cup, a fresh full lime squeeze, dashes of Hugo or Maggi (soy sauce), dashes of hot sauce, topped with a Sol, Modelo Especial, Tecate, or any lighter Mexican beer. Ice goes in last.

side view

side view

Of course, everyone has their own version of this magical drink. They all taste great, especially when its hot out. Some recipes call for salsa. Maybe this is from where the practice of using bloody mary mix evolved. Trust me, the Bloody Beer is delicious, but its not a Meech. I love using beer as an ingredient, so refreshing. Understand, it’s not for everyone. Its sour and salty and maybe a bit weird. Good thing is, you get a full day of vitamin C with each glass.

there’s always beer left in the bottle or can to top off according to yr tastes


TIP: You can take the Meech in the can. Here’s how: Open can of cold beer. Have someone else drink off the top, or do it yrself if you must to make room for the ingredients. Squeeze a lime into the hole. Do not be afraid to have it spill out in the rim. Shake hot sauce in the can. Soy sauce optional. Shake salt over top. Let it sit for a minute. Do not shake. Drink. Take salty lime juice off top as needed.

red chili & cardamom cheesecake special

red chili & cardamom cheesecake for the 263

available at the 263 restaurant in Austin, TX. check the desert specials. crust: black pepper, middle: vanilla green cardamom cinnamon, top: vanilla fresh ground cinnamon w/ a red chili from the garden

Mother’s Day special cheesecake for the 263 Grill

french press cheese cake

Like having your coffee and yr cake at the same time. Mother’s Day special at the 263 Grill in Austin, TX.

What pizza dough should look like

what pizza dough should look like

We’ve been perfecting the pizza dough for years, experimenting with yeast, dough temp, water, air and salt factors. This past weekend, the dough became alive for us, and magic happened. It was moving under Cha’s fingers. We hope to share this northeastern flavor and texture experience with our Texas food fans soon.

fresh mozzarella, ricotta, garden oregano, and sauteed garlic

soup bowls forever

soup bowls forever

clay: you CAN put it in the dishwasher and the refrigerator.

quick note on sour beers

Here at Studio Pub we enjoy drinking beers on occasion, however we are not beer snobs. A thirst quenching Mexican beer with a lime will do. Add a shot of hot sauce and sprinkle salt on the rim, too.

Quite by accident this year, I came across a new beer variety while on the road in Atlanta, the SOUR BEER genre. Please let us share some of the bottles found in the research path we took over the last few months. The Pale ales aged in oak cases stand out. The Flemish sour ales are easiest to get. Sour Gueuze lambics are super sour but have hints of sweetness.


Sour Beer Taste Test winners:
1) Petrus Aged Pale. Belgian sour flavor all around. No plum, no sweet, no chocolate.. a carbonated bitter sour attack on the tongue. So delicious.

2) Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge. Belgian sour slightly thicker. There’s a monk on the red label that brings chocolate to mind, the body is medium with salty sour cherries.

3) Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour Ale. You can find this at Whole Foods or any craft beer store. Its a good one to start with.



Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge

some runners up… the Dutches Bourgogne!! and sour lambics..



Rodenbachs can be found at Whole Foods in the dusty out-of-the-way not even cold section.This is not a complaint. Just happy to find em.

indian pickle research continues

Headed back to Kerala in November to pick up the pickle research where we left of in February..

“Strange savory tastes of Indian style pickles has been part of our meals since early childhood when the infamous mixed pickle appeared like a dark character on the stage of the teak family kitchen table. We’d dissect the oily mash in search of the succulent salty pickle pea then on a dare, eat it. In February, we visited family in India, and slipped in some pickling research along the way. Mango pickle, lime pickle, gooseberry pickle, cherry tomato pickle, garlic pickle, mixed pickle, shallot pickle.. we tested upwards of fifty different flavors, interviewed the experts on technique and ingredients.”


indian pickle.. its a ketchup concept but more complicated… Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala, India Feb. 2012

The chef hates tourists. I love this.


homemade gooseberry pickle


Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala, India February 2012

Aunt Jamu’s wins. Not even close.